Hello, I’m Tiffini and by day I’m the owner of The Atlanta Go To Girl, a boutique luxury concierge  known for offering the highest level of  personalized travel, lifestyle planning and cutting edge entertainment services to corporate executives, professional athletes, small business owners, celebrities and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest.

I’m also the founder and Editorial Director of Tastemaker Magazine, a bi-monthly digital publication that exposes Haute brands, fabulous trendsetters, and Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty tips to live for! It’s no easy task. By mid- day until 4am the next morning I’m a wife and mother of two active children (are you tired yet?), so as you can see I’m just a busy gal around town!

Here, is where I jot down my thoughts, journey’s and sometime whimsical family adventures to show you just why I’m a gal about town. Buckle up, comment often and enjoy the ride!


Tiffini Gatlin

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