Exclusive Interview: Jessica Alba

Being a mom is no easy task, and it’s always comforting to swap mommy stories with other moms as a confirmation that although we would like to think we’re super she-roes we all face similar issues. I had the opportunity to speak with Jessica Alba about her new movie Spy Kids: All The Time In The World In 4D, which comes out Friday August 19, and balancing her career and family.

Photo Credit: Rico Torres/ Dimension Films

In Spy Kids, Jessica plays Marissa Cortez Wilson, a woman and mother who on the surface, has it all but in reality she’s trying to mother two step-kids who clearly don’t want her around and it’s her toughest challenge yet. As if that isn’t enough, her husband doesnt’ know he’s living with a spy. Jessica says the cast didn’t know the movie would be in 4D during the beginning of production, but says the movie appeals to a new generation of movie goes who want to interact more with films.

As a celebrity you may think she has it all as well, but Jessica professes she doesn’t find any similarities with her character and her real life. “luckily I don’t have to hide anything from my family or have step kids who hate me.” Since our interview, Jessica and husband Cash Warren welcomed another daughter Haven Garner Warner on this past Saturday. During our interview, Jennifer shared what she was doing to get her through her labor and delivery “I listen to guided meditation twice a day. I drink plenty of coconut water and stay very hydrated so everything can flow perfectly.”

Now that Jessica has had baby Haven and is likely past her cravings for watermelon, you may see her in more action movies, “I don’t work as much as I use to but I miss action films. I’m going to see if there is a good action role out there for me .” One may wonder how she balances career and family, but if you listen to her talk, she describes seizing every opportunity to enjoy time with family, and often puts them before her career.”My daughter Honor hung out with me in my trailer when I was filming Spy Kids. I had an apartment that was close by so it was easy to spend time with her and play. When together with family, we make spending time a priority, with no blackberry’s or electronic devices.” Jessica is about the modest celebrity I’ve met, claiming she has a pretty boring family “We love swimming and barbecuing in our backyard, we do it almost every weekend because we’re lucky to live in Southern California.” Jessica to some would be considered a home body, but she professes to love her me time. “When I can get away by myself I must admit I love going to get a manicure and facial.”

Don’t expect to see Jessica at her pre-pregnancy size soon, she’s up front with discussing her plan to get back in shape. “It’s not fun! I work out up to 3 hours a day, breastfeed and I have a strict calorie count which consist of 1,200-1,500 calories a day for a least three months and once I get to about 15 lbs of baby weight to lose, I let the weight naturally fall off.” We’re loving Jessica’s style these days. She’s not the likely celebrity to wear a risky outfit to show off her stunning physic but after kids Jessica feels more confident to have a.”I’m very conservative. I’ve never been the one to let everything hang out. I never wore shorts or skirts above the knee before I was 27. Now I’m like ‘ I’m a mom and I’m older so I can be a bit more daring…live a little’.”

Perhaps Jessica gets her modest and humble demeanor from her ‘role mothers’, her mom and her grandmother who she looks up to. ” My mom and my grandmother made my brother and I feel like we were the most important. I never felt like I wasn’t a priority in their life.” Jessica vows to reciprocate that in her own daughters and teach them basic principles that she learned. “We see kids in our community who do not respect others or themselves. I will teach my kids respect for elders, respect for others, and respect for themselves.”

With hours away from the movie debut, Jessica gives a side note to bloggers who hope to be reading a baby blog from her soon.”Designing and writing a blog seems like a lot of work…I like surfing design blogs but you won’t see a blog from me. However, I would be interested in writing a blog entry that shows off my love for combining old with new. Haven’s nursery will be filled with flea market finds and new furniture…I’d love to show the before and after.”

At 31, with two kids, a husband and a busy career she may not have all the time in the world, but Jessica says “I try to live in the moment. I find if I focus on what’s happening now, those happen to be my best days and I feel like I’m living the dream.”

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  1. Both girls are looking cute. Jesicca got fit in to the mother role managing three babies realistically. Her appearance and acting in movie was really good.

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