Hair Wars

Meet Mckenzie. She’s 4-years-old and has more sass than a sassy pie (not sure if a sassy pie actually exist)! Oh and she’s my daughter. Isn’t she just sweet?

Well as sweet as she is…already at 4-years-old we are going through hair wars! She has very dry hair and it can be coarse at times and to get her hair the way she  {yes…i said she} likes it, I would have to take about an hour grooming her locks. What you see above is fancy….what you see below is… well typical!

Remember, this is about McKenzie’s hair {please disregard the way my hair is looking…lol}. I feel as if I’ve tried every product under the sun. I’ve accumulated so many hair products, that friends come over to see what I’m not using anymore to take home to their family. After lots of money and many of products later, I decided what would be the harm of trying yet one more product from a seemingly familiar brand, Soft & Precious.

When Soft & Precious asked me to try a few of their products, I agreed but honestly didn’t have high expectations, as nothing prior to had excited me. When the package came, McKenzie and I opened the box without hesitation, and to McKenzie’s surprise was a basket full of hair care products just for her {so she thought}. It’s timing couldn’t have been better as I was already being recruited for an hour-long hair care treatment session…so why not use Soft & Precious. Let the hair war begin…

I began with washing her hair with the 2 n 1 tear free baby bath and shampoo infused with lavender and chamomile {I’ve always been a fan of 2 n 1 products}. I then used moisturizing creme while her hair was wet to condition and hopefully soften her tresses. The smell of the moisterizing creme was to die for! Her hair reeked of olive oil and lavender for an entire week despite her rambunctious run of the mill schedule in the hot sun.

I decided while her hair was wet to give her braids that could stay for a while until our next face off! Despite a soaking wet little pink dress, I survived this competition and the outcome  of her tresses  yielded soft non greasy hair that smelled yummy. Looks, like I had a satisfied customer! After changing out of her pink little dress I rubbed her down with liquid corn starch…which I swear  there was something magical in that product, because it put her right to sleep. Despite the white residue it left behind, i could see myself using it.

 I would definatly use these products to keep McKenzies hair in order. I’ve actually had to hide the produts so she won’t get into it. She loves it so much she wants to put it in her baby dolls hair…{I’ve even caught my son and husband rubbing the moisturizing creme in their hair} so hey you can’t beat a product that the entire family loves! Until the next hair wars story…keep me in your thoughts as I tackle clothes wars with my 8-year-old son and maintian my sanity as the Girl about town….

Soft & Precious Hair Wars Survival Kit

What’s your secret weapon(s) to combat coarse and dry tresses?




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