Press Pass: 2011 Dove Awards

Who said Christians don’t have fun?  The Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA was buzzing Wednesday night as the sold out venue was host to Gospels hottest musicians, celebrities and music lovers as we celebrated the 42nd Annual Dove Awards. Powerful performances and unique collaborations by top artists highlighted the diversity and showmanship of the genre’s popularity.

As a lover of gospel music and a first time attendee of the Dove Awards, I was surprised at how many Gospel artists I didn’t know! Clearly, I need a visit to iTunes to refresh my gospel collection, so I can stay current. So as not to spoil the show that will air Easter Sunday, April 24 at 7pm et, I’ll just give you my good, bad and ugly.

My Good:

Sheri Shepherd hosted the show and as the first non-musical act to host the show in 41 years I thought she did an amazing job keeping the audience engaged with her bubbly personality, telling the audience “this is the first stage that I can scream I Love Jesus” It may just be me but Sheri looked a little lighter than normal and had some extra pep in her step as she sashayed around the stage. Maybe it’s the upcoming nuptials that have her smitten!

Loved Mary Mary’s performance of Never Wave My Flag from their new CD  Something Big. The performance put me in the mindset of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation video {I think it was the dark clothing and the dance moves of the background dancers}.

Natalie Grant and LeCrae {both of whom I had never heard of until the Dove Awards} were awesome! I’ve never really been a fan of Gospel Rap…but the two pulled it off.

Marvin Sapp dedicated his award to his late wife Dr. Malinda Sapp, who died of Cancer seven months ago. But it was the singing pastors performance that excited the crowd…you would have thought an alter call was next!

My Bad: 

Honestly, the show was great! You will want to tune in on Easter Sunday at 7pm ET, to watch the performances. You get the edited version which means you get a 4 hour show in 1 hour!

My Ugly:

Former American Idol contestant Mandisa wore a dress was that was certified horrible! When asked where she got it she said “Oh I picked it up from some mall here” ….Uh what mall sold her that dress? It looked like a second-hand prom dress {I’m all for second-hand, but it was horrible}! I slipped her publicist my card so hopefully the next time she comes to Atlanta I can help her pick something flattering to show off her commendable 80 lb weight loss! Hate that I had to put her in my Ugly category but it was the most memorable ugly thing I saw that night!

There you have it! Be sure to watch the show and come back to make your comments. For more information on the 2011 Dove Awards and recap of the awards show you can visit to see the pictures I took backstage with Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Dietrich Haddon, Michelle Williams and more, be sure to take a peak at my album.

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