Are You a Woman of Worth?

You know how much I love giving back and I’m almost sure we all know someone who is relentless about unselfishly giving back to their community. If you know someone like this, then you know there is no amount of money you could give them for their time…because they are satisfied by the outcome of their efforts! However, there is a more humble way of showing them that they are appreciated!

L’Oreal Paris,the total beauty care company, announces the sixth annual Women of Worth Awards call for nominations beginning today! You may know women who are inspiring, selfless givers and outstanding achievers that should be recognized for their hard work and dedication to charitable programs and volunteerism in their communities…perhaps that woman is you!

The Women of Worth initiative is inspired by L’Oreal Paris’ iconic brand philosophy, “Because You’re Worth It.” Each honoree should embody the spirit of the L’Oreal Paris brand through their commitment to their cause, their drive to create a change in the world and their beautiful spirit.

Nominations are open and from April 11th through June 30th you can nominate yourself, a friend, a family member or anyone you know who’s making a difference by volunteering. Ten incredible honorees will be chosen for their significant contributions and each honoree receives $10,000 for her charitable cause. One National Honoree will be chosen via a public online vote and will receive an additional $25,000 for her charity. I’d love to see someone form Georgia as an honoree!

For more information about the Women of Worth Program, nomination applications and previous honoree bios, please visit

Are You a Woman of Worth? How?



One Response to “Are You a Woman of Worth?”
  1. Monika says:

    Loreal is horribly guilty of outright racism and discrimination. The problem is that most of us in the US don’t know about it.

    I would never participate in anything that company does to try and generate the Black dollar in the US or anywhere else. I’d advise others to demand better for themselves and do the same.

    Our loyalty and support shouldn’t come so easily. That’s why we’re not respected. Because these companies (and politicians for that matter) know that they don’t have to do anything to get us to “follow”.

    If we’re women of worth, then let us give our dollars to companies who understand and respect our worth. You can read an article on one of the many racist practices of this company below:

    Thank you.

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