If You Ask a Question On Twitter be Prepared for the Answer!


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Last night I attempted to watch Dancing With The Stars…but I already knew who was going to be voted off {I mean it was obvious…wasn’t it} so because I couldn’t stand to see Wendy Williams and her slow dance trot…I opted to watch Pregnant in Heels, a new show that debuted last night on Bravo. I was initially attracted to the show because the star of the show, Rosie Pope, offers a maternity concierge service and because I’m a  lifestyle concierge owner I was interested. 

Rosie shows us how she goes around New York helping wealthy pregnant women {who at times have bridezilla tendencies}, and she basically does what any awesome concierge service would do…say OK and get the job done! But it wasn’t until I saw Rosie’s assist LT {who is the second half of the KIKI Twins…whom I’ve never heard of} that I knew this was the show I would be watching for the season! I’m only assuming that LT is either extraly {which is not a word} flamboyant or gay…or perhaps both { I only say that because I don’t know of any heterosexual man who would wear a permed mohawk coming across the eye with a blouse and electric blue hammer like pants}. The way he says H-O-N-E-Y is sweeter than the bees that made it…so when Rosie introduced him I tweeted this:

LT then tweeted saying this:


Tweeps were going crazy on twitter last night about LT’s look but honestly, in my opinion if he didn’t look that way..would you really remember who he was? Check out what LT had to say about his look and the premier of the show last night. Be sure to follow him too @LTtheKiKi .

Pregnant in Heels shows on Bravo Wednesday’s at 10:00pm EST

What Did You Think of Pregnant In Heels Last Night On Bravo?




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