Who said Teen Vogue is just for teens? I actually enjoy reading the magazine myself, just so I can keep up with the new craze my kids are going gaga over these days! Plus a mom like me has to stay “hip” to the game. As my daughter and son get older I’m required to know what the trends are…they both are picky dressers.


source: Huffington Post

It seems apparent that Selah Marley, daughter of five time Grammy award winner, Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, son of legendary singer Bob Marley, wants to model! The 12-year-old appears in the April issue of Teen Vogue and talks about her aspirations of wanting to be a model and perhaps follow in her mom and grandfather’s footsteps as a singer, which she says is a lot of pressure and she wouldn’t want to mess up the name.

The article was really cute! Lauryn and Selah seem to have the typical mother daughter relationship, and reading the piece made me thing of me and my Toot Toot {she would kill me for revealing her nickname}!

Read Selah’s interview with Teen Vogue here.

What do you think of Selah pursuing a modeling career?



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  1. Akilah says:

    Aaaaaw! I love it! She’s such a beauty, too — like her mama 🙂

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