Luxe Report: A|X Is Moving to Lenox Square Mall

Have you been looking for the Armani Exchange store at Phipps Plaza? The luxury brand decided to relocate its Atlanta store to Lenox Square Mall and will open on Wednesday March 23rd just in time to pick up pieces from the A|X spring collection, which offers the capsule collection in celebration of Armani Exchange’s 20th Anniversary year!

Armani decided to relocate to the Lenox Square Mall as they found it to be a better fit for the brand and the demographic. As you may or may not know Phipps Plaza is a mall that house some of the most luxurious brands in the world and is often visited by celebrities for “throw it in the bag” type shopping experiences! Lenox Square isn’t too far behind, those with persnickety taste can also get their pick of some of the top luxury brands as the mall has had a bit of a makeover with the shuffle and placement of retail stores. A|X will be located on the main level and occupy 5,000 square feet of space. When you step inside you will quickly notice the new store concept design that Giorgio Armani has created to reflect his signature preference in color, style and sense of space.

How do you feel about all the new stores being added to Lenox Mall?




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