Find Your Unique Branding DNA

You have a great idea, you tell everyone about it, everyone LOVES it, you rush off to implement….only to realize you have no brand! Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful feeling but building your businesses brand is essential to the success of your company. I have the pleasure of speaking at the Life Branded “Brandinar” event in Atlanta on April 9, 2011 at the Twelve Centennial. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, bloggers and second time career seekers will fill the event space in an effort to hear from leading industry professionals on how to find your businesses unique branding DNA.Specifically, I will speak to attendees on how my company is the liaison between their business and the world who seeks to find them. I will be direct in helping small business owners understand what my clients look for when seeking a business for sponsorship opportunities, events, castings, personal services, corporate services and the like.

Attendees, will also learn from other speakers from Daily Candy, The Atlantan, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, Kitsy Rose PR and more! Later that evening, an awards ceremony will take place to award some of the best businesses in Atlanta, who exemplify what it means to know your businesses brand, and walk in it daily. A collective group of influential community tastemakers will be on the selection committee, so be sure to get your tickets and be present to see who takes home the awards!

For tickets or more information on the event, visit




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