Meet My Intern: Courtney Go To Girl

I’m so excited to have found an intern for The Atlanta Go To Girl team! I really wanted to find a student who I could be a mentor to as well as help them grow personally and professionally! I vividly remember when I was a student, how ineffective my internships were and vowed that if I took on an intern I would not USE the candidate for FREE labor, yet invest in their future in the best way possible. Courtney aka Courtney Go2Girl on twitter {she named herself that…lol..cute} is a student at Georgia State University  majoring in print journalism and aspires to be an editor of a magazine some day.  Since becoming a member of my team, I’ve put her to work {In a good way}! You’ll be seeing some post from her, so be sure to welcome her to the team.

Courtney and Jones Magazine Editor Tracey Ferguson

2 Responses to “Meet My Intern: Courtney Go To Girl”
  1. Mimi says:

    Welcome Courtney!

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