Drop Dead Diva: Margaret Cho Gives Dancing a Second Chance

Drop Dead Diva returns to Lifetime in June and on Friday my intern Courtney was on set to get the behind the scenes action for the premiere episode to season three, which was taped here in SW Atlanta. We all saw Margaret Cho as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” last season and whether you believed she and her partner Louie should have been voted off early…they were. Seeing Margaret dance on set for the first time since her appearance on DWTS was great! She really put some umph into her moves {Go Marg}! I think if she had showed these same moves on the show she just may have remained a little longer {but who knows with those judges}! 

The shows flash mob dance scene will be choreographed by Tyce Diorio and feature the dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance”. If you remember at the close of last season, Jane is left speechless when following a car accident, Grayson recognizes her as Deb before falling into a coma.  As she anxiously waits for him to wake, Jane finds herself struggling with her desire to reveal who she is, despite warnings from Fred.

Josh Berman,Brooke Elliot and LeAnn Rimes


If you haven’t watched start now! I promise you’ll be addicted, it’s a celebrity packed season with entertainer Paula Abdul (Live to Dance), LeAnn Rimes and Wendy Williams who is now a contestant on DWTS {How You Doin’}! Stay tuned for more juicy behind the scenes footage!



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  1. […] Maybe she’ll even dish a little on any behind the scenes “stuff ” we expect to see in the upcoming shows (we love to have the press pass don’t we?). Most importantly, how can you meet Wendy without saying How You Doin’! I’ll be sure to get that on tape! Drop Dead Diva premieres on lifetime in June, be sure to catch all the celebrity appearances. […]

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