Pinkberry Rolls Out the Pink Carpet!

It’s practically spring based on the warm temperatures we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in Atlanta! With spring brings flowers, birds chirping, sunroof’s opening and oh let’s not forget yummy frozen yogurt! Imagine all the Georgia Peach’s that were tickled pink when we found out we were getting our first then second Pinkberry locations. I can remember total mayhem…lines where infectiously insane  but worth it and hanging out on the Pinkberry patio after a long and daunting day at the J.O.B was the thing to do! Our weekends were sweeter and saying you were going out for FroYo with your BFF’s was all the craze on twitter!

Now we get to have three times the fun because Pinkberry is opening its third location in Buckhead! In celebration of its new home you are invited to walk the pink carpet, mix, mingle and “chill” as the music and yogurt will be spinning all night! Below is your invitation {don’t forget to bring all your friends}:

What’s your favorite Pinkberry combination?



One Response to “Pinkberry Rolls Out the Pink Carpet!”
  1. K. Rock says:

    I tried Pinkberry for the first time last year and it was great. I add strawberry, kiwi, and mochi. Delicious.

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