My L.A. Oscar Experience!

Hey my loves! You haven’t read a post from me in a few days because I’ve been having a little fun mixed with business in Los Angeles! If you didn’t know, I host an ever so popular bridal event entitled Bridalpalooza, and this year I’ve taken the tour to six cities and this past weekend we hit L.A.! How lucky was I to have hosted the tour the same weekend as the Oscars…so I thought! I tried so hard to get the the guards to let me behind the barricades to get a sneak peak of what was going on…{don’t they know who I am!}but I guess my clout doesn’t travel as far as L.A. lol!

Soooo…this picture was the best I could do for you guys!  {Pitiful I know!} Friday was a mess it rained all day so I got up Saturday to try it all over again! Breakfast was at a popular LA spot on Sunset Blvd called The Griddle Cafe..similar to Thumbs Up but on steroids!

I couldn’t just order what was on the menu…Ha! That’s too easy! I had to put their skills to the test! I ordered an egg white omelet made with skillet potatoes, smoked sausage, hickory smoked bacon, onions, cooked hard {I don’t like runny eggs} with a side of Mom’s french toast, fresh fruit and a tall glass of sunny california orange juice {you can’t come to California without getting a taste of their OJ…{no pun intended}! When they brought my plate out I immediately was full, so I decided to walk this gut sucking food off  by heading to Santa Monica Beach!

Beautiful. Peaceful and Windy!!! My hair was all over the place, not to mention the nice salt/sand mix plastered on my lips! I had a great walk…so much so it put me in the mood for a little shopping, so you know where I headed…..

That’s right…Rodeo Drive! This was the perfect place for a little retail therapy…I thought I’d indulge and ask for forgiveness later!


The sales woman in the Ralph Lauren boutique was a good as gold! She could have practically sold me anything in there! When she showed me Oprah’s black label “Favorite Things” sweater I told her if it’s good enough for Oprah it’s good enough for me! I’ll take one please…lol. The Juicy Couture sandals were so cute and perfectly pink like a grapefruit and irressitable for those summertime freshly manicured toes! So I said throw that in the bag! You can’t have retail therapy without thinking about the one who made it all possible, so I stepped into Bally’s for my husband a nice pair of casual shoes and Voila…I found them! Check please!

All this made me hungry so I stopped into the Stinking Rose for some all garlic fare…the Prawn Pasta was out of site {I’m so serious…I ate it all before I could even take a picture for you}!

After all the Bridalpalooza fun…it was time to head home! Flying free on Delta Airlines comes with a few down falls…it took me 18hrs. to get back to Atlanta! After spending the night in LAX airport from Sunday to Monday I finally was cleared for a flight at 7:50a.m Monday morning and landed in ATL at 4:00pm. Gotta love it! I can actually say I was in L.A. during the Oscars! One day I’ll be writing about walking the red carpet! Good news is I had a blast…slightly bad news I have to travel again on Friday…oh well until the next time…Be Sweet!

Have you ever had a travel nightmare but recovered?




One Response to “My L.A. Oscar Experience!”
  1. nea wiggins says:

    loved this-so proud of you!

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