Closer to My Dreams…

Happy Friday friends! This isn’t your typical post. Have you ever worked so hard towards your dreams that you felt… am I doing the right I headed in the right direction…are people receptive to what I’m doing? Well..that’s me right now…actually that’s me often! It’s difficult being your own cheerleader! I always remind myself that if it were easy everyone would be doing it! I’m a fairly positive person but the element of doubt does appear in my mind sometimes..but because I know I was destined for greatness I keep pushing!

As I peered through the tall bare tree trunks in my back yard I saw a star far in the distance…knowing it was million miles away I thought about how it still has a small shine that I can see with my naked eye and foolishly thought if I kept my eye on that star and just started walking, would the star appear bigger…who knows..but it reminded me of my dreams, you can see it in your mind and it’s shining so brightly that  if you just stay focused on your dreams  eventually the dreams will become bigger and bigger until it shines so bright everyone will be able to see it! So, I leave you with this song by Goapele…let it play and think about your dreams….I see the smile appearing across your beautiful face! Enjoy!


TIffini Gatlin


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