First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Atlanta


How exciting is it that First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Atlanta today visiting students at the Burgess-Peterson Academy to talk about childhood obesity prevention and to mark the first anniversary of her “Let’s Move” program aimed at improving the health of children?

Mrs. Obama will arrive in Atlanta shortly after 1p.m. and healthy eating and gardening will be the topic of discussion as she will explain how the two can help combat obesity. Later, she will travel to North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, there she is expected to give a speech about why nutrition and exercise is important. According to White House officials Mrs. Obama will give personal reflections on why she decided to start the “Let’s Move” program and report the accomplishments made within this first year.

Wouldn’t it be cool to meet her? She such an eloquent speaking and her passion immediately becomes yours! If you happen to take a picture with her…please share it {I’ll be envious…lol}!

What are you doing in your community to stop child obesity?



3 Responses to “First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Atlanta”
  1. Fancyfit says:

    I will be attending the speech at North Point Community Church! I have been on my fitness craze for about 4 years now. What has been most impactful for me is being an example to my son and his friends. They always see me heading to the gym, I’m constantly encouraging them to stay active & when my son has his friends over I make them super healthy snacks that YUMMY! * Be the EXAMPLE!

    • Fancy that is awesome! I love parents who have made the choice to be live and be healthy! I’m sure the kids love the yummy snacks you prepare! Being an example goes a long way! Keep us all updated on the speech at North Point Community Church..if you are allowed to take pictures please share them with us all!


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