Georgia Opens First Membership Only Motorspark

My clientele are elitists. They want the best, they deserve the best and they want to be kept in the know about the best of the best! I pride myself on locating and offering just that! Imagine a country club for people who live in the FAST lane! Well, the great thing is you don’t have to imagine…it’s here!

Just once, wouldn’t it be great to open it up on a beautiful stretch of immaculate pavement and see what it can do {“It” is your fast car}? No radar detectors needed, no looking for speed traps or in your rear view mirror. Imagine driving in a safe , controlled environment where the only limits are your driving skills, your nerve, and your car’s capabilities! That’s the Atlanta Motorsports Park Experience.

The Motorsports Park will open in a few months and I have the pleasure of introducing my clients to this exclusive experience! I was extremely pleased and excited when I met with owner, Jeremy Porter, for a private viewing of the property that is still under construction…as I shared in his vision I knew this was the right fit for my clients who work hard but want to play harder! This was a place where they can come to literally unwind and also bring the family out for a little weekend of R&R!

Check out the Clubhouse Amenities:

  • Atrium/stone fireplace lobby
  • Panoramic views of driving course
  • Outdoor deck and fire pit
  • Premier restaurant
  • Fitness room
  • Pool & tennis court
  • Mahogany lockers with name plates
  • Private showers and bathrooms
  • Biometric fingerprint technology to access members-only lounge
  • 110 Inch high-def projection TV
  • Computer with high-speed Internet
  • Starbucks coffee machine
  • Function Hall
  • Indoor and outdoor kid’s play areas
  • Pro Shop
  • Rental garages (custom design the way you want it)
  • Hiking trails

Check out the Road Course Amenities:

  • Exotic/Supercar rentals
  • Nearly 2 miles long, 35′-40′ wide
  • Ability to run 3 simultaneous events
  • Straightaway is 2950 feet, over a half a mile
  • Over 6 course configurations
  • Aggressive elevation changes- over 100 vertical feet
  • FIA/CIK, Formula One style curbing and rumble-strips
  • Extensive runoff areas
  • Precision timing system and driving control tower
  • Permanent rental garages in various sizes
  • Driving school programs-available in levels from beginner to professional

Atlanta Motorsports Park which is located 30 minutes from Alpharetta/Roswell in Dawsonville, GA is fully zoned, fully permitted, and ready for you! Their goal is to be the first green sustainable ¬†motorspark in the world. I’ll be taking well qualified clients on a private tour of the facility. If you are interested in setting up a private tour for membership please contact me at 678-278-8314 for more information.




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