So Good You Can Eat Off the Streets!

Some of the best in the mean time in between time meals I’ve had were off the streets of New York and Miami! Food trucks are so convenient especially when you don’t have a lot of time to sit in and eat at a restaurant on your short yet valuable lunch want to grab and smash! I get so excited when I see food trucks popping up over Atlanta…they definately have a place here and if you’re not use to this type of eating…come down from your posh horse for a moment and indulge a little {I promise you won’t be disappointed}. The picture below is a photo I snapped with my phone, of a few food trucks at The Next Cool Thing event.

If you’re not sure if there’s a yummy food cart near you, check out sites like and or if you’re thinking of taking your food to the streets but don’t know where to start, check out sites like to help you jumpstart your dream!

Check out a few of my favorite food trucks:

1. Good Food Truck: George Long and Jessamine Starr Long pair sweet, spicy and tart flavors to create one of a kind mouth-watering menu items such as the Island Cone-a spicy tamarind waffle cone filled with jerk black beans and coconut rice and topped with mango sour cream and ripe plantains..{shall I say more}…678-481-8182

2. Orleagian Snowballs: Why travel all the way to New Orleans when you can enjoy a cool treat right here in Atlanta {hence the company name} It’s an addictive frozen treat that combines tightly packed, soft snow drenched in combinations of up to 30 handmade flavored syrups…

3. King of Pops- These handmade organic pops are really out of sight! I generally visit the Irwin St. market to get my share, because the food cart is always on the more serving up chilly treats and I can’t keep up! Try the GA Peach {flavors change so be adventurous}… {if you’re visiting…be sure to try one before leaving}

4. Burro-Pollo Chicken Burrito Stand- It’s a good time wrapped up tightly! Your mouth will be doing a dance with each bite..vegetarians love it too! Try the BBQ Rib Bolillo {Yowzers}

5. Souper Jenny- All I can say is Nantucket lobster rolls…

6. Westside Creamery- I love the sorbet or giant ice scream sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies! Just yesterday I had the lemon buttermilk sorbet and it was delish! {one scoop was plenty for me!}

7.Yumbii- Ever thought a Chef would be cooking on a food truck? Well..yeah and it’s the best darn far out food you’ll taste in a long time!  {i’ll buy you a taco if you find out}

Okay so there you have it! Check my favorite spots out and tell me where your favorite food trucks are in Atlanta!



2 Responses to “So Good You Can Eat Off the Streets!”
  1. K. Rock says:

    I have had food from the Yumbi truck before and it was pretty good. I have also been to the King of Pops. I also think the rising trend of food trucks is pretty cool.

    • K.Rock..thanks for your comment! I hope Atlanta laws for food trucks loosen up a bit! I like the idea too especially when you’re on the run..I would say you can avoid long lines but I’ve seen some of the lines at the food truck and they can be pretty long too! lol

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