Luxe Report: Chanel No.5 Get’s Fancy In Paris


Photo By: Courtesy Photo

Check out the new ad for Chanel No.5… 1,200 handmade assembled sequins to showcase its iconic silhouette. I’ve never worn Chanel No. 5 so I can’t say why it’s so popular other than the historic name that follows it. I can say, I absolutely adore the look…I mean you can’t help but want to touch and spray the fragrance all over you, it makes you fall in love all over again…great marketing!! Although I haven’t smelled No.5, it seems like it would be my choice of scent when I hit the “scene” I need to find out the notes that make up this popular fragrance! I’m wondering will the actual bottle you buy look like this? Hmmm..I have to find out… The silhouette..

..will decorate the exterior of Paris’ Musee d’ Orsay from Jan.6 to 28. The massive flacon’s image will cover 2,890 square feet of the museum’s exterior, which runs along the Seine river.


Does the ad grab you?




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