OMG Report: French Connection Closing in Lenox Mall?

Credit: French Connection

So I just happen to be purusing through this morning and to my freakin surprise I see that one of my favorite UK retailers are closing…FRENCH CONNECTION (FCUK)..OMGEEZY someone please get me a stretcher! The only French Connection store in Georgia, located in Lenox Mall, is closing…{flatline}…ok so apparently this is semi-old news but earlier this year FCUK announced sweeping closures for their US stores, bringing the number down to 6 from 23.

Of course the closing is connected to slow economic recovery and changes in consumer shopping habits, so the brand decided to play to their strongest markets and avoid wasting resources in weaker ones {apparently my purchases weren’t enough to keep sales consistent and doors open}!

It’s also reported that FCUK neighbor Bebe PH8 will be closing their doors for good at the end of the Holiday Season. Well…so long my love..I guess I will have to shop for you in Bloomies, Neiman Marcus, Belk’s or some boutique here in Atlanta.

What a good reason to drop in and pay my respects with a little “final sale” shopping…



What do you think of all these retailers closing their doors?


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