OnStar Helps Kids Find Santa Claus

Growing up I remember writing letters to Santa about all the wonderful toys I wanted for christmas, and placing my unstamped letters in the mailbox with hopes of it getting to the North Pole. In our home “Santa” didn’t drink milk he drank Pepsi and ate Reese cups…so as we placed our tall glass of Pepsi and a four pack of Reese cups on our foyer entry table and sat on the sofa trying our best to stay awake to take a glimpse at the chocolate eatin’ caffeine lover but it seems like he took forever to get to our house!

That was back then…but how lucky are kids now that with a push of a button they can find Santa’s whereabouts as he journey’s across the globe delivering toys to good little girls and boys {are parents included}! If you are an OnStar subscriber beginning at 6 a.m. EST on Christmas Eve, you can press your blue OnStar button in your vehicle to request a “Santa Update.”  OnStar advisors will share Santa’s whereabouts through 5 a.m. EST Christmas morning.

What a cute way to engage little Santa beleivers…also a great tool for parents to use when the kids are a bit out of line {they may think you have the ability to redirect Santa in a different direction…hint..away from their home!}I’m sure they will straighten up quickly!

OnStar, partnered with North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) who has used its North Warning Radar System, geo-synchronous satellites with infrared sensors and other technologies to monitor Santa’s Christmas Eve travels and share the information with children and families around the world.

Individuals without an OnStar subscription can visit www.noradsanta.org or dial 877 Hi-NORAD for Santa’s location.

What do you think about the ability to find out Santa’s whereabouts?


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