Is Mac being “Shady”?

Seems as if Nicki Minaj has excited everyone with the debut of her highly-anticipated “Pink Friday” album that released yesterday! {Is it any good} As a cute companion to her album, Nicki teamed up with Mac Cosmetics to create her ever so popular signature Pink lipstick…But…where’s the hype MAC?

You have one of the most talked about artist coming out with a highly anticipated album and I personally haven’t seen a commercial or advertisement and the only thing I was able to find was a small mention on their site! C’mon MAC you aren’t throwing “shade” on our girl Nicki are you? She’s going to make you guys a ton of Benjamin’s, you couldn’t give her a better platform?

Pink Friday is a Limited Edition lipstick designed by Nicki and will be sold online exclusively, only four Friday’s starting Nov. 26, 2010 {that’s right, you can only buy it on a Friday}…at least this is one less thing you’ll have to stand in line for after Turkey Day!

Be sure to watch the hour-long documentary about Nicki Minaj’s road to success titled “My Time Now”. The clip will air on MTV, Sunday, Nov. 28, at 10pm ET/PT. Watch the trailer below..{screams reality show to me..but who am I to}

What Do You Think about the MAC Pink Lipstick, Album & Documentary? Hit or Miss?

2 Responses to “Is Mac being “Shady”?”
  1. Hmmmm….interesting that MAC isn't advertising this more. I wonder what their reasoning is. I certainly love the lipstick, even if I'm not a fan of Nicki Minaj.

  2. @Krystal…I wonder the same! You know I wasn't really a fan of Nicki either..however I've listened closely when she speaks and refeshingly enough she's intelligent! I wish I could wear PINK lipstick i'm still trying to get the nerve to wear RED! Thanks for posting your views!

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