Sequin UGGs: FAB or DRAB?

Oprah’s outrageously Fab Favorite Things Part 2 show was on today and by the look of some bewildered audience members…I’d say they were ecstatic! The Classic Short Sparkle Ugg boot made it’s debut as one of Oprah’s favorite things {who knew Oprah wore Uggs}… I’m a UGG Fan because I love the comfort, warmth and the variety of styles the Australian boot offers…BUT…I’m afraid I have to say this boot is pretty DRAB! I just can’t bring myself to wear this disco ball on my feet and feel like Twinkle Toes!

I’m not a trendy person so I tend to shy away from what’s hot now and lean more towards what’s hot forever! Honestly, had I been in the audience and received them I would have been grateful but I would have re-gifted! HA! I would have had the best secret Santa gift around!

Retails for $170 at

What do you think about the new glitter Ugg Boot?

3 Responses to “Sequin UGGs: FAB or DRAB?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    love them. Sequins are so festive! I wonder how they'll hold up?

  2. NYC Girl says:

    I think these are Fab. I ordered the black version. I think these are fun and not to be taken too seriously. It’s like hey winter eff you I’m decked out in sequin:) I think everything depends on how it is styled. Ugg boots are a fashion staple as common as blue jeans. Just walk a square block in any city and you are going to spot a pair. I will gladly give my Louboutins a rest and throw on my black version with skinny black leggings a simple black turtle neck and my Chanel sunglasses. Yup, they’d look adorable.

    • NYC Girl I love Uggs and they always come through for me during the winter months! I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I saw the sequin Uggs debut on the Oprah show..but I think they are growing on me a bit…lol You are so right they turn any weekend comfy cute ensemble to chic fab! Thanks for your comment!

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