It’s All In The Details!

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most magical days of a women’s life, and everything about that day is surrounding the details. If you’ve ever been married you’d likely agree that you never remember all the details so you anxiously await the photographs and videography to set you back to that special place.

As I prepared for Bridalpalooza, an exclusive bridal tour in Atlanta, I thought about the details..and how I wanted to offer something exclusive that not only the bride would appreciate, but a significant must-have for her special day {not to mention they would never forget the bridal tour in which they received the gift} and sought after one of the hottest bridal merchants around, Anna!

Yes! I have revealed to you the “face” behind LilaFrances and she is as talented and sweet as she looks…lol! Anna tells me her story of how when she opened up her shop she made handmade clothes for children and because they didn’t sell as well as she had liked, she decided to hand-make, as opposed to buy, little hangers for her overstock.

She states “That turned out to be one of the better things I’ve done in my life!” She says after making about 10 hangers, boredom kicked in and she started twisting little things like hearts and names into the bases of the hangers, and selling them along with the clothes. She started getting featured on blogs and even had to stop sewing because she was so busy with wire designs.

Ana has changed the photo opportunity for every girls dream wedding gown. She has enhanced the memory forever! Below is the lucky Bridalpalooza winner who won the LilaFrances “MRS” wire hanger and she was super excited!

LilaFrances has been featured in magazines and websites ranging from Victoria Secrets to Martha Stewart Weddings. Be sure to “Like” her on Facebook to keep up with her latest and greatest wire creations. If you are a bride or looking for the perfect bridal gift I would venture to say you’ve found it!

What do you think of the LilaFrances Wire Hanger?


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