Yikes…it’s getting cold…where are my BootTights?

The weather is chilling up a bit in Atlanta and although I wore my Uggs this weekend, I’m not officially ready to break out my knee boots but I see them in my very near future! The only thing I dislike about the cold and wearing boots is my toes feel like little icicles, so often times I will put on socks with my boots or if I put on tights I’ll put socks on too {I hope I’m not the only person who does this}!

Well, imagine my surprise when I was sent boottights, tights and socks all in one! My first thought was someone really thought of this? All I could think of was a white hanes sock attached to black nylon..{Horrid picture} but surprisingly enough they were packaged just like a pair of lycra tights!

I immediately popped open the package in the middle of my living room and tried them on {my kids were looking at me crazy} and seriously my first two thoughts were…dang these feel great and I love the sock portion of these tights. I paraded around the house in my tank top and boottights and went looking for my boots to try them on together. Love’em! the sock wasn’t so thick that my shoe felt bulky {don’t you hate that} and although the sock was solid black the actual tights had a cute pattern.

This is a product that will definitely work for me and I was so impressed with the tights that I wanted to give one of our friends a free pair to experience too…So to get a free pair of Boottights here is what you need to do: {Giveaway Ends on Friday October 29, 2010 at 11:59pm EST}

1.Become a Fan on our Facebook Page and “Like” us {The Atlanta Go To Girl}
2. Leave us a comment and Tell us why you wear tights
3. Be sure to leave us your email address in your comment {This is the only way we can alert you that you’re the winner}

{Remember all participants must be friends of The Atlanta Go To Girl…its only fair to share with our friends}

*Disclosure: Bootights were given to me free, however my account of the product was my own and the fact that I received this product free did not have any influence on my review of the product.



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