As Starbucks approches 40….are they getting more sophisticated?

I’m not much of a coffee drinker. The best I can do is a white chocolate mocha with one extra pump of white chocolate! {lol} I always thought I would be a big coffee drinker because when I was younger I drank Sanka {my grandmothers favorite brand}all the time!

Seems like the most popular place to meet for a quick business meeting is Starbucks. You can’t get away from the favorite coffee brand, even when you’re in the book store they are there! But, perhaps Starbucks isn’t just for the avid coffee drinker anymore. As the popular brand awaits their milestone 40th birthday, it seems to be looking for a more sophisticated look.

Last, year there were talks of Starbucks serving alcohol. Catering to those who want more of a social atmosphere to kick back and relax with friends or a good book with a plate of cured cheese. I actually like the idea of giving people choices. Starbucks knows they attract those who just want to unwind in a socially vibrant and controlled environment so what better way to allow them to lay down their burdens at the door and take back a glass of red wine. I can’t wait to see the new changes Starbucks will make, who knows maybe I’ll visit more for the wine than the rice crispy treat!

How do you feel about Starbucks serving alcohol?


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