Luxury accomodations at it’s best in Miami!

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Last week as I packed my bags with only a few essential items to drape myself in when I hit the streets of Miami, I thought about my busy schedule and all the activities that crowded my week. My mission was to locate the finest hotel in Miami, Florida that would ultimately be the host to 30 couples for their annual marriage retreat!

I pride myself on being a concierge owner that not only locates the best for my clients, but I tend to put myself in the shoes of my clients. I literally, become them in my planning process. Therefore, I know that having a good or great product and or service is unfortunately not enough. It’s all in the details.

I had the pleasure of spending one complimentary night at the Conrad Miami hotel, a Hilton property, for a site visit. Admittedly, when I pulled up in my taxi I thought why is he taking me to this office building? The contemporary art deco of the hotel threw me off a bit, it was so unlike the “norm” of other hotel chains in Miami. 
As I walked onto the marble floors and was warmly greeted by the concierge host, I thought hmmm….this is nice. As I ventured up to the 25th floor I gave my teeth one last check in the mirrored elevator, popped a mint in my mouth and waited for the door to gracefully open so I could proceed to the check in counter. The lady at the desk had an accent that I couldn’t identify but she was pleasantly sweet as she said “We’ve been waiting for you Mrs. Gatlin”! I was tickled, and told her I was honored to be there. 
Remember, I said for me it’s all about the details, and I was impressed as Jenny walked me over to the elevator, waited until I was in and said enjoy your stay. As I opened the door I was thrilled to see how much space the room had! Some hotels I visit, although nice, feel cramped and everything seems on top of each other but this room was so spacious and the view was breathtaking {I could get use to waking up like this}.
Once, I set my luggage down I couldn’t wait to go down to the 24th floor to experience the Spa. The smell was invigorating {Omg it smelled like ginger snap cookies} immediately, the atmosphere calmed me and  made me feel as though nothing mattered. If you can imagine sitting in a Hydro Therapy tub that has 140 jets massaging every inch of your body and a peppermint tea and Mimosa Champagne Sugar Scrub cleanse and exfoliate, as a chocolate truffle body wrap is gently applied to hydrate the skin…heaven! The spa offers 10 treatment rooms a 24 hour gym and a men’s and women’s locker room with a dry sauna. 
As I left the spa and wondered around like a lost tourist in New York, I ran into two handsome men who were dressed to the the nines. To my surprise they were the General Manager, Martin Wormull, and Director of Food & Beverage, Joseph Fisher. The two gentleman were extremely personable and sold me on my decision to make the Conrad my #1 recommendation for my clients marriage retreat. Although, I didn’t get to try the recommended Snapper, that’s flown in fresh daily, I’m hoping I’ll be invited back for dinner!
Until next time Conrad Miami, and I give you the official Go To Girl stamp of luxury!

Conrad Miami
Espirito Santo Plaza
1395 Brickell Avenue
Miami, Florida 33131

What do you look for in a home away from home?

2 Responses to “Luxury accomodations at it’s best in Miami!”
  1. tamarsha says:

    I'm not attending a marriage retreat BUT i've just added this hotel to my 'must experience' list!!!!!!

  2. @Tamarsha Yes! You must experience this property! You'll love it!

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