General Motors Director Of Interior Design Micheal Burton speaks on the 2011 Enclave

As a mother of two active kids requiring their own cargo space, I simply can not give up my own identity. Must I be a victim of the swagger wagon {no pun intended on those who love their swagger wagons}? I’m a “divalicious” mommy who doesn’t want to compromise style for safety and space. Is it too much to ask to be a mommy who after she drops off her kids can be respectably seen as a “Haute Momma” {lol}? I believe I can get it all in a luxury brand vehicle, so my search began for some of the most stylish yet roomy and safe vehicles around!

I must admit when I was given the opportunity to test drive the new 2011 Buick Enclave, I was a bit hesitant because when I thought about the name Buick, I immediately envisioned by grandparents. I defiantly had cool grandparents, but not sure if that was the look I was going for. However, when I saw the crossover vehicle I was completely surprised at how chic and intricately detailed this vehicle was!

I almost compared it to a first date… The first thing I check out on a man is his teeth and his shoes and ironically enough the first thing I looked at on the Enclave was it’s front “grill” and it’s “shoes” or wheels if you will and they were both amazing! The vehicle was definitely pleasing to the eye from the outside but I wanted to know more about the inside. Once I got in and sat down, I felt like I was home. The leather seats hugged me, the wood grain made me think of home …I felt safe!

I could have just wrote about my experience but I felt compelled to capture the story from the man who designed the vehicles interior..Who knew I would learn more about the person behind the interior design:

Well, there you have it! Spoken from the mouth of a survivor and designer, this vehicle is one of my top picks! If you are in the market for a new vehicle I highly suggest you at least take a test drive and experience it for yourself! A mommy’s work is never done and I’m glad my kids were able to have this experience with me! Now I’m off to find the next divalicious mommy ride…I wonder what it will be?

What’s your dream “mommy” vehicle?

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