Dooney & Bourke Introduces a New Travel Bag

I’m always intrigued when I see someone traveling with a luxury brand travel accessory. In some peculiar way {in my mind at least} the type of luggage a person totes gives you a peak into what type of person they are. I seem to think that when you choose to carry your most personal items in a luxury brand travel companion that you are making the statement that you care for your belongings and you absolutely wouldn’t be caught dead carrying anything but the best! I can respect that!

Dooney & Bourke has been a trusted women’s accessory since 1975 so it’s no wonder why they have thought about you just in time for the holiday travel season! Dooney & Bourke is debuting a new travel bag in their 1975 Signature Collection, an electrifying and fresh alternative to your standard suitcase.

I love how the luggage doesn’t dare compromise space for style and with over seven different colors you can have a choice in the matter!{ I’m digging the red and taupe myself!} What’s even more gratifying is their are more than 30 other bags, wallets, and accessories to compliment your new travel bag!

This makes the perfect holiday gift or an add on to your fabulous travel collection! Bags available at and Dooney & Bourke boutiques nationwide.

What makes a perfect travel luggage?


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