Smartwater Unveils Their New Glass Water Bottle

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Smartwater Launch Event of their new glass water bottle, which was held at Ventanas, Atlanta’s Premier Rooftop Event Space and Helipad. I can not tell you how stunning the space was and the view was breath taking! I absolutely would recommend this space to anyone searching for a wedding or event venue. {I had to go on that brief tangent}

Smartwater was developed in 1996 and it’s a zero-calorie, vapor-distilled water that’s packed with electrolytes to give you that uniquely fresh, crisp taste we all crave in a cool beverage. In fact, American’s love smartwater so much it is now the #1 premium bottled water in the country!

Looks like smartwater is taking premium water to another level with the smart water glass bottle! It’s made with premium glass and still has the iconic shape and clean, sleek design. Smartwater’s pure, crisp taste paired perfectly with the sushi, steak with sweet potato fries, conch fritters, lobster and the massyman chicken that was all catered last night to smartwater guest.

The special invited list included the likes of Mycheal Knight, Jovita Moore, Julian Lark of Kontrol Magazine, influential bloggers, news reporters, entrepreneurs and more! I had an opportunity to chat with Mycheal Knight and I’m excited about what he has in the works and Jovita Moore is an absolute gem; I couldn’t resist taking a few glamour shots with her {she likes Creme Brulee}.

Entertainment was provided by live band Alpha Rev and they were outstanding! All the guys in the band were too cute and as we ate our blue cotton candy and Creme Brulee we swooned! {Oh…that may have been just me!} There was also a freelance painter, Caitlin Beidler , there literally painting the night away as she caught with her keen eye the festivities of the evening and amazingly enough she completed the portrait that captured the essence and maturity of the smartwater brand….so brilliant. The night ended with me taking pictures on the step and repeat and grabbing a couple of bottles of smartwater that conveniently fit in my speedy 30 Damier Louis Vuitton…{already a perfect pairing!}

If you weren’t there you can live vicariously through my pictures…

Would you perfer your water in glass or plastic?


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