Jamaica and JetBlue Partner Up!

Last month Jet Blue announced their All You Can Jet Pass to more than 60 cities and them teaming up with Jamaica for the destination’s first  All You Can Jet Pass Meet Up on September 23 at Scotchies in Montego Bay, Jamaica is fascinatingly genius!

Jet Pass holders who stop by Scotchies at 4p.m. simply need to show their pass and they’ll receive a complimentary Red Stripe with each entree order.

If you love Jamaican jerk then Scotchies is your place with its authentic thatched barbecue pit and it’s conveniently located one mile from the Montego Bay airport on Falmouth Road. The popular restaurant offers visitors traditional Jamaican fare, including jerk pork, chicken and fish; roasted yams; and breadfruit to soak up the signature sizzling Scotch Bonnet hot sauce! {Can you tell my mouth is watering}

John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism, says:

 “We look forward to hosting the first Jamaica All You Can Jet Pass Meet Up.” With travelers increasing looking to social networks as a source for meeting new people while exploring a new destination, we greatly value our partnership with JetBlue and the opportunity to give their All You Can Jet Pass holders a location to meet and enjoy the mouth watering tastes of Jamaica.”

It will be exciting to see and hear about all the Jet Setters flying around experience cities they may not have opportunity to visit if it weren’t for Jet Blue! I go to Montego Bay, Jamaica yearly for a couples retreat and I have to be sure this is on my list of places to go!

Follow the Jamaican Tourist Board on Facebook and Twitter. Get your JetBlue pass now!

Where will you Jet with your pass?


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