Who’s Got The Spirit?

Seems like everyone these days are looking for the best travel deals especially when flying. But when you find a low fare is it really the best deal? The fare could indeed be low, but if you have to pay $100 to check bags do you still have a low fare? Nowadays you can’t just book a flight without looking into the additional fees associated with your travel to ensure you’re really getting the best deal! I have a new found respect for Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza because he lays it on the line. He says that  his airline isn’t for everyone and his loyalty to the consumer is to get them from point A to point B safely and in a clean aircraft. Essentially, all the other “stuff” like your bags, a coke, blankets, talking to a human vs an auto attendant is extra amenities…and there’s a charge for that.

As consumers we are given the freedom of choice, and although I’m not a fan of all the fees I like that I have the choice of which type of passenger I want to be. If I want to be cuddled and catered to I may choose Delta Airlines or Air Tran Airways {There are others} and if I just simply want to get there ditching all the frills and thrills I’ll take Spirit Airlines. Seems fair enough to me, but will other airlines start to follow suit or is the consumer experience far more important than the extra 45 bucks an airline can get for a carry-on bag? Watch the ABC special and give your opinion.


What do you think of CEO Ben Baldanza’s view of airline fees?


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