REMY V event Hosted by Idris Elba

Atlanta came out last night for the unveiling of Remy Martin’s new spirit, Remy Martin V. The event was held at The Compound and the atmosphere was beautiful {Literally}. Idris Elba was the host for the evening and as you can imagine the ladies where trying to figure out a way to get an up close and personal view of the handsome actor! Although, affectionately known as DJ Driis, we didn’t get to hear his skills, but I was able to chat with him for a minute after we took pictures to find out why we wouldn’t hear him spin for the evening and he simply said “there is a legend in the building”…. that legend was DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The entertainment was wonderful and I loved the “Remy Girls”, as I have coined them…they came out in white body suits with lights and they danced on stage as DJ Jazzy Jeff did his thing on the “ones and twos”…they were super cute and I thought the Remy Hosts were dynamite as they poured those with the exclusive VIP Remy dog tags unlimited drinks. The bubbly was coming all night long!

The night was really great! Such a classy event..I haven’t been to the Compound in about 5years but the place gives me a Miami vibe that I thoroughly enjoy. Great job Remy!

What one question would you have asked Idris Elba?


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