Truth Be Told: I Love my In-Laws!

I have been married for five years and although it hasn’t been all peaches and cream it’s been a nice five years. Before I was married I would hear all of these horror stories about when you marry your husband you basically marry your in-laws….and in-laws are crazy…. yada yada yada…..

Well…Truth Be Told…I LOVE MY IN-LAWS! I really do. Every family has their “thing” but I love having them around, they are really loud and funny people, and I sit back and laugh at all of them…it’s like watching a hilarious movie!

So for those of you who have “horrible” in-laws i know nothing about it! My mother in-law is so much fun and she enjoys doing all the things I love to do… so it works! My father in-law is like a Bernie Mac…loud and says whatever is on his mind…he’s so funny you really don’t realize he just cut you down…so he gets a pass for being older and funny!

 So what’s the deal folks? Why can’t we get along with our in-laws or soon to be in-laws? Can your relationship really work if you don’t get along with the in-laws? 


4 Responses to “Truth Be Told: I Love my In-Laws!”
  1. K. Rock says:

    I have been married for 10 years and my realtionship with the in laws is still so so. I am cool with my FIL but my hubs doesn't have the best relationship with his mom, so unfortunately I dont either. We only see her about once a year even though she lives 15 minutes away.

  2. I totally can identify with this post. When I got married, I heard all of the in-law horror stories but I've been married now 6 1/2 years and I am closer to my in-laws than my biological family. My in-laws are very close knit and my mother-in-law is like the cool aunt I never had…we can talk about EVERYTHING (blushing at the thought of some of our convos), hang out, and she is even my spades partner. I couldn't ask for a better family. ATL Go To Girl, we are definitely BLESSED!!

  3. @K.Rock I can understand your dilemma with the In-Laws…looks like you are trying to foster a relationship with at least the dad, which is good. Personally I can relate to the Mom situation but I can tell you first hand that getting that together is important and you could be just the person to help mend that relationship..if you all live only 15min away encourage some impromptu visits… I know that would be like {well like hell freezing over} but try it a couple of times…if you let your husband know it's important, perhaps he may give it a little more effort! Thanks for sharing! You ROCK!!

  4. @SEConsultingInc…Congrats on the 6 1/2 years you've made it over the hump! LOL…and I am the same I am closer to my In-Laws than my immediate family {sad to even have to say that} but I love being close to family! I love going shopping with my mother-in law and we can talk about anything which makes it so fun! {I'm blushing too girl…LOL} I think my husband would die if he knew about our men conversations!!! The realtionship that you have with your In-Laws is a blessing and I'm sure bonds your marriage even more like it does mine! Thanks for sharing your story with us! Can't wait to chat with you more!!!

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