Travel in Style!

If you read my walk of life post you know I love shoes, but even more importantly I love comfortable shoes especially when traveling! There are a few places I just can’t do heels {especially for a long period of time}:

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1. The Airport- If you’ve walked through Hartsfield Jackson you know what I mean! When I get off the plane to head to my destination I want to not only look cute.. I want to feel cute! And If I’ve wasted my cuteness walkin through the dang on airport, I’m done when I get to baggage claim!

2. The Club- Now I don’t do clubs often unless there is something going on that I must attend but if I must, standing in the club for hours in heels is not the business! Everybody is standing around on a concrete floor checking each other out like they’re in some high school dance and here I am in my good shoes feet pulsating like a heartbeat! {No}

3. Any Long Distance- I can’t walk the streets of Atlanta in heels! I just can’t do it…I see these women getting their walk on downtown during lunch hour and I think this sista is doing it but her feet look like they hurt! I have to preserve my sexy and my feet for that matter! I also don’t want to go to the grocery store or shopping period in heels…it distracts me from my purpose!{Now this is not to say I don’t do it!}


So those are my main three spots that I don’t want to wear heels but again I don’t want to compromise my shoe game so what THE GO TO GIRL recommends is getting you several pair of tieks I LOVE LOVE LOVE these easy to pack ballet flats! 100% premium, soft, top-grain leather that folds in a compact pouch to compress your flats while in your purse, a reusable tote and pant clips for pinning up your heel-length pants.

Any travelnista that is looking for the ultimate stylish travel shoe you can’t go wrong with tieks! They run you about $135 a pair!

What do you think about tieks? What is your ultimate travel shoe?

2 Responses to “Travel in Style!”
  1. K. Rock says:

    Those shoes look neat. I think I have seen something like them under another name. I like that they come in different colors and styles.

  2. K.Rock…They are really neat! I love how they can fit in a little clutch for an evening event! The best part is you don't have to compromise style for comfort or vice versa! Have a great day!

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