Did you ever carry a Teddy Ruxpin Lunch Box?

When I was in grade school having a cool metal lunch box was all the rave, but it wasn’t until a group of moms in Florida started complaining that the metal boxes were dangerous weapons that the kids were fighting with, that they quit making them. If you’re visiting Georgia, you can reminisce on childhood cafeteria moments by visiting the Lunch Box Museum located in Columbus, Georgia. 

The Museum has thousands of lunch boxes and it’s so neat to walk through to see the very Teddy Ruxpin or Cabbage Patch Kids box you use to carry to school. It’s amazing that some of the earlier lunch boxes go for over $10,000! Can’t imagine the very lunch box I carried my soggy P&J sandwiches could go for so much money now! There are so many things to discover in Georgia and this may tickle your fancy by taking a look back at the once favorite school accessory! 

Lunch Box Museum
318 10th Ave. 
Columbus, GA

{The Atlanta Go To Girl}
What was your favorite grade school lunch box?

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