Come Shop Around the World With Me!

Poetry Journal {USA}$40

I LOVE to travel and one of the adventures I immensely enjoy while traveling is discovering one of a kind finds in the city’s and countries I am privileged to visit. There is nothing like coming home and getting stopped by someone who wants to know where you bought your accessories and humbly say Laos.

I discovered a way to travel the world to find precious pieces without having to leave your home. The Travelers Collection is an online location that supports artisans and entrepreneurs who create one of a kind pieces. Shop by region, for trip essentials, jewelry or music..whatever your desire they are sure to have something to wet your palette!

What’s so neat about the site is if you are a passionate shopper that travels the globe you can send product ideas while traveling the globe, and if they’re chosen the items will be featured in The traveler’s Collection and you will be paid a five percent commission on the net sales of the item. And if you refer your favorite artisan, you’ll earn 2.5 percent commission on the net sales of his or her work. Can you believe you’re getting paid to shop while you travel ! How cool is that?

These are some of my favorite finds:

Bead&Wire Frog {South Africa}$18

Marquesa Sandal {Indonesia}$85

{The Atl Go To Girl}

What’s the most intriguing item you’ve found while traveling?


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