Organization is Key!

Manage Mondays are so important to me because I’m able to share reads, inspiration, tips etc. on ways to organize your life. I’m a work in progress so by no means am I an expert but I am a coachable person so I learn from everything and rapidly try to incorporate in my space some how! As a person who receives it’s always my intent to give as well….hence the reason for Manage Mondays.
As a concierge service many of our clients are busy professionals ranging from the CEO to the stay at home dad! Sometimes, our clients easy fix is just to become more organized with life, which could  be something as simple as WRITING IT DOWN…lol..seems so trivial but it’s a biggie.
The other day I was suppose to meet with a vendor and I forgot! I beat myself over it the entire night because I pride myself on being succinct, timely, professional and organized. However, after this I felt I didn’t represent any of my learned lesson was to put the smallest errand, reminder or whatever it may be in my outlook! Don’t assume you will remember!
So…today’s Manage Monday has nothing to do with remembering…LOL..sorry..but it has to do with organizing. You may think what does organizing have to do with managing? Well, the answer is simple..EVERYTHING. If you are not organized at home something in your life is probably just as messy. Organize your closet, shoes, refrigerator pantry..anything that needs order in your home, organize it. If you wake up to an organized home, inevitably your thoughts will become clearer and your not mentally fumbling through the mess to find the answer.
Here are 10 tips for organizing your closets. This article helped me and I’m hoping it helps you too!
Do you feel that organization is one of the key ingredients to managing your life?

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