I can grill chicken in 15minutes!

As a wife and mother of two I look for quick yet tasty ways to feed my family! I actually think I was a chef in my past life but in this life my family isn’t so patient while I experiment with their dinner. Therefore, I had to think of the best way to cook the things they enjoy while still being able to multitask on the things I needed to get done.

My family and I love to eat BBQ, however i just don’t like to wait for things like chicken to cook on the grill because in my opinion it takes too long to get fall off the bone grilled chicken or even ribs for that matter. So what I started doing is when I come home I get the kids started on homework and baths and I grab a pack of family size chicken wings out of the fridge clean them and dump all of the wings in a pot of boiling water…It takes about 15 min to boil the chicken wings. While that’s boiling I get a good fire going on my grill.

When I take the wings out I season them the way I like {not too much because my husband has high blood pressure} and then I throw them on the grill. I only have to go to the grill twice..once to turn the chicken over and the second time to take the chicken off the grill. Add your favorite side and vegetable and voila..you have a dinner that everyone will be praising you for..and you likely won’t break a sweat doing it {although the fam will think you went out of your way on a weekday to do this for them}.

Try it and let me know how it turns out for you..I love doing this because I’m not standing over a stove, it’s low maintenance and the chicken is so tender it falls off the bone! The pre-boiling is what does the trick!  I hope this helps..Happy Grilling!

{The Atl Go To Girl, LLC}
What are your fast family dinner tips?


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