Taking Concierge Services to the next level!

As the owner of a concierge boutique, I’m constantly thinking of new ways I can service my clients as well as what I can do to make things more convenient. Travelers are looking for convience and a cut above the rest when dealing with hotel concierge services! If you are a hotel/resort and you don’t offer family concierge services…you may be missing one of the most important componets in your business!

Family Concierge services is where parents, kids and even pets are treated with 6 star service, where the extra star is simply….WOW! Imagine having a private check-in station for families…the hotel/resort knows you’ve been traveling with the entire family and understands that standing in line waiting would feel almost unconstitutional! Or perhaps personal cell phones or walkie talkies that are assigned throughout your travel in the even that you need a concierge staff quickly!

Kids want customizable snack bars and Wii stations as if they were home in their own environment, therefore with family concierge services, a staff would have stocked your room with foods and snacks that the kids enjoy as well as there favorite games for their entertainment.

Look for hotels/resorts such as Lowes Hotels and Paradisus Luxury Resorts that offer a complete family concierge package for not only you but the children too!

{The Atl Go To Girl}
How important is concierge services to you and your family?


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