The Walk of Life!

As the owner of a lifestyle concierge boutique, I am on my feet a lot meeting clients, planning, preparing, shopping, directing and more! I believe that appearance is one of the most important visuals that you must have together before meeting a client. This perhaps could be the first and only time you are able to make a visual impression!

Comfort is extremely important to me! If your feet aren’t comfortable this could make for a short and meaningless trip to the mall, or could impact your patience while waiting in a long post office line or whatever you are doing that requires you to be on your feet! So…I say of this to say I can’t give up comfort for cute and cute for comfort {unless i’m walking from the car to a chair for the entire night} So, I like to choose a shoe that will give me both and doesn’t allow me to have to choose.

One designer that I love for understanding that a woman needs both comfort and style is Kenneth Cole! This man got it right {could have something to do with his wife} but we’ll give him the credit! When I first heard about his 925 technology on Oprah…I literally stopped what I was doing and headed to Lenox Mall to reserve me up a pump…i was one of the first one’s their waiting list to pick up my shoe! Ever since I’ve been hooked!

This shoe literally gives me the feel of a sneaker with the stylish look I don’t want to comprimise on! For the fashionista on a budget you may feel like a price tag is not an option, imagine a shoe that literally you don’t have to replace for a few years…if you still can not imagine paying this price perhaps you can consider my other favorite “shoe mate” happy feet the insole that performs above the rest! I put my stamp of approval on happy feet any day; you can even wear them with flip flops!

So as I continue my search for shoes for the fall, keep in mind that I go for Haute, Stylish and comfortable shoes but when all else fails I’ll take the first two and add happy feet…lol!

{The Atl Go To Girl}
What’s your shoe game looking like for the fall?


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