Travel Tuesday:Resorts/Hotels for Familes w/ Childern| Pick#1

We recieved a phone call last week to help a family plan their last family vacation for the summer. The client requested that we offer the top 5 hotels/resorts that would cater to families with children, so that everyone in the family would have an amazing time during their final summer trip. I was excited to take on the task, becasue frankly I didn’t know myself and as a mother of two I was interested….so this is where the research begins…
Photo courtesy of Sea Island Resort
Sea Island, The Cloister & Lodge located south of Atlanta and craddled along the Atlantic Ocean between Savannah, Ga and Jacksonville, FL, will immediately send a calming wave down your body when you open their home page! If you are anything like me I began to think where has this sunken treasure been all my life! I had never heard of Sea Island until I started my Top 5 family resort  research but I am in love with all the ammenities not only for the entire family but for the kids indiviually and together.
Photo courtesy of Sea Island Resort
Start the kids out with sea shelling on the beach ….
Photo courtesy of Sea Island
or perhaps allow them to be a chef for the day…

“The Dock” photo  courtesy of Sea Island
….Whatever you decide for the kids they are sure to enjoy!

If you haven’t noticed Sea Island seems to have it all figured out! Sea Island offers some great R&R for adults as well. Starting at the pool is always a plus and they have many ways to enjoy the cool waters.
“Beach” photo courtesy of Sea Island

“Indoor Pool” courtesy of Sea Island
Now what resort is complete without a spectacular Spa? Right…none that I can think of! The Forbes Five Star Cloister Spa and Fitness Center feature body treatments, luxurious skin care experiences, Make- up artistry and more! After all this I’m sure you’ve worked up an appetite and that’s a good thing because there are 5 dining options that savors the appetite of every connisour craving a  decedent meal or  induldge in their snack bar, ice cream parlor, and a candy shop!
“Ice Cream Parlor” photo courtesy of Sea Island
Dine in “The Oak Room” photo courtesy of Sea Island 

From the kids playing, your laps around the pool, your luxurious spa treatments and fine dining you’re likely ready to head back to your room. Choose from from The CloisterThe Lodge or The Cottage Rentals, all of which are sure to provide a little slice of sleep heaven!
“The Lodge” Guest Room photo courtesy of Sea Island
Who knew that this 5 Star Resort was in your backyard! You don’t have to travel very far to experience all that Sea Island has to offer. Pack up the family and head down. Don’t forget to check out their special packages! Enjoy and make sure you tell us all about your experience!

{The Atl Go To Girl}

What do you think of Sea Island so far? What’s your family resort pick?

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