Manage Mondays: How do you keep it all together?

You probably woke up this Monday morning with a To-Do-List for the week. In your mind you’re thinking how am I going to get all of this done? Between work, kids and all the errands in the world that never seem to get satisfied, managing all your tasks can seem overwhelming!

Use tools like a free online to do list and task management tool. The cool feature I love about this tool is the “locate your task” which uses a map to see where your tasks are located in the real world. If one of your tasks is to pick up the milk the feature will let you know when you are nearby a grocer that will help you complete this task.

Or perhaps you are in the business of allowing clients to make appointments with you and you find yourself telling current or potential clients…”Oh I forgot we were suppose to meet today” use a tool like schedulicity. This tool puts your calender where your clients are. You will love this tool because it instantly plugs your business into 3 of the fastest growing trends-social media, mobile internet, and online scheduling.

Whatever you choose to use to make life easier for you…make sure you use it! If you start the week off unorganized it’s likely your entire week will be off balanced. Start the planning of your week on a Saturday evening or a relaxing Sunday. Doing this will put your week into perspective, therefore when you wake up on Monday morning its not how are you going to manage your tasks.. but more about who can you get to complete them for you! That’s another topic for a Manage Monday!….

{The Atl Go To Girl}

What are some of your helpful tips to managing tasks?


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