Here Runs the Bride..Here Runs the Bride…

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Today in DC is the running of the brides at Filene’s basement at Mazza Gallerie from 8am-9pm. If you’ve never heard of this event Brides-to-be actually get together a team of girls {perhaps their bridesmaids} and run throughout the store grabbing wedding gowns they love at next to nothing prices. It’s definately evolved of the years because now you see brides-to-be in their team shirts or headbands and everyone has really made this event super fun! Becasue it’s evolved as the #1event for Brides who are looking for chic but cheap {or let’s say super affordable}you can find brides wraped around the building so this a day you want to tell the boss you either won’t be in or you’ll be in later that afternoon. However, if you’re just not into the hustle and bustle and knockin over one another…you can opt to join a more quiter and civilized environment by coming to the store at 11:00am where you will see dresses going back on the rack and you can enjoy the same deals!
GO GIRL GO! {we haven’t said this in awhile..had to to it!}


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