Can you really get cozy in the airport?

As a concierge service, our job is to create alternative solutions to completing everyday tasks. Our clients are all busy professionals and or corporations who are attempting to take back hours lost from employee deficiencies. We answer all types of request and our mission is simply to fulfill that request beyond their expectation.

The Airport continues to be one of highest ranked establishments that we visit on a daily or weekly basis because clients are always forgetting something and ironically its when they are about to board a plane! I’ll leave it to the great debators as to if the prices at the airport are merely unconsitiutional! Hey you pay for convieince….Right?

Well my purpose for writing this piece is simply to talk about how you can actually catch some ZZZzz’s at the airport without all the awkward dispositions and anxiety that generally comes along with traveling. Well I found this neato site that gives you valuable tools and tips to help you Sleep in an Airport… its Sleeping in the Airport 101! …they offer some great tips! Follow them on twitter @airportsleeper and it’s a must that you check out their airport travel store! Ah -Maz-Ing must haves! Happy


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