Skip over the Mess to get to the Best! {Don’t shoot the Messenger}

I’ve been married for almost 5years and I can remember picking up this little book and going through it to find the enormous and abundant wedding selections that awaited me out there! Where do I start? Who’s the best? I mean I had about a thousand questions going through my head. I finally ended up at a convention center Bridal show {and imagine this I went with my fiance’} and we walked around what seemed to be about 10,000 sq ft of space collecting cards and if we we were lucky we actually talked to the wedding vendor about their services. I quickly realized after going to a few of those I wasn’t getting anywhere…It was time for me to sit down and decide who I was going to contact first to make an appointment for a “go see” {sounds like some type of modeling thing} but if you looked at me I may have fit the mold then..I mean I did have my portfolio in hand{wedding planner book} and I was about 30lbs lighter..but we’re not going to go there!! 

Until now, I’ve not had to associate myself too much with the wedding industry unless I was going to a wedding or referring a client or friend to a vendor. One day the idea came to me…my job is to create alternative solutions to completing everyday task and making my clients life easier! So naturally, why not come up with an event that brings the bride to the vendor.

Makes perfect sense to me! Streamline things for the bride…they are already overwhelmed with the decisions they will be making within the next year and if they’ve never been married before how do they know who the best is? So we went out and started canvasing the city to hand pick wedding experts in every category that highlights a brides day and we reached out to them to tell them about our amazing new idea that will take the wedding industry by storm. BRIDALPALOOZA…the first bridal tour that takes a small number of brides on a tour twice a year to meet and engage with the best wedding vendors in the city!

Brides now will have the opportunity to meet the vendor in their own environment, this way the vendor is able to adequately show off their products and services giving a more personal feel to the entire approach. It’s like skipping over the mess to get to the best! {Hope I didn’t offend anyone or loose a follower by saying this but you wedding experts and brides out there know what I mean}

So if you’re getting married, curious or dating and you’re looking for something a bit more upscale that takes you to the source and heart of wedding planning you’ll want to jump aboard our party bus and experience the first bridal tour to hit the streets! {Taking to the streets August 22 from 8am-5pm} Register Here! [remember bigger doesn’t mean better] Leave me your comments!


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