BRIDALPALOOZA **Fantasy Floral Brooch Bouquet Giveaway**

Back in February I talked about Amanda’s irresistible bouquets and I told the world about how much I liked them..and earlier today her and I joked about the things we hated the most about our weddings! Mine happened to be my Bouquet and I told her how I wished I met her 5 years ago! We both agreed how nice it is to relive the momentous occasion through other brides…so anyhoo…Amanda has gracious agreed to give one (1) lucky bride an opportunity to walk down the aisle with one of her hand made brooch bouquets! She is giving $50.00 off her beautiful creation and here is how you win:

1. You must be registered to attend the BRIDALPALOOZA bridal tour (of course we only want Brides)

2. You have to become a follower of The Atlanta Go To Girl’s site by click follow over on the top right side of this page.

3. You have to leave us a comment on this posting with your name and twitter or Fb page so we can let you and everyone else know you are a winner!


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