Social Networking thats just for kids!

Finally, there is a kid friendly social networking site for kids called skid-e-kids. I took a look at the site as a friend of mine who sites on their board was boasting about how wonderful it was. So I took a look and was so amazed at how cool it was. I first signed myself up as a skid-e-parent to see all the ends and out of how the program works and it’s very much like a facebook. I love how the kids can make their own Mii like avatar…if you have a Wii you know what I mean! They can give themselves a cool user name and best of all they can not only connect with friends they can connect with teachers and parents. There are lots of educational games on there that are our version of farmville on facebook but the privacy coupled with fun is what make it a blast. I showed my 7 yr old and we are preparing to set him up tonight! Try it out and let me know your thoughts on it!

BTW: If your checking for me on skid-e-kids I’m MommyG!


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