My Top 15 Tips for Grocery Shopping…

All of these tips are not my own original tips but I have either picked them up from a friend, my own experiences, magazines or an internet read. Take what applies to you and hopefully you can get some good use out of it..Leave me a comment to give me your feedback or feel free to add to my list!

1. Ask For Help– I’ve learned not to do it on my own especially with having kids..Kids and Shopping don’t seem to go well in my mind! Therefore, call The Atlanta Go To Girl we offer full service grocery shopping with delivery…trust me you’ll thank us later! Lol.

2. Always go with a list– I know you may feel like it’s time consuming but the time you put into making the list will save you a lot of money and you won’t end up buying something you didn’t need!

3. Plan out a weekly menu-This is the best way to ensure that your list is complete, and that you have enough to serve your family dinner for the week. If you read my previous post where I talked about preparing multiple meals in one day you know why this tip is important.

4. Don’t go Hungry– OMG…literally I have picked up tons of stuff that I absolutely didn’t need cause I went when i was hungry and of course everything not only looked good but smelled good! Go after you’ve eaten a good meal you’ll be more frugal…Trust me!

5. Have a budget-Sounds Taboo but you need to know how much you are intending to spend before you put a whole bunch of stuff in your cart and then get embarrassed at the register when you have to start searching through the bags putting stuff back..What I do is take out cash and leave my debit/cc at home so I’m forced to work with what I have..Try it..this works!

6. Use your mind calculator– Honestly I don’t walk around with a calculator but what I do is take an item  for example that’s $1.50 and round it to $2.00 and I add up all my items in my buggy, at this point I may whip out my BlackBerry and use the calculator on there to ensure that I’m within my budget and I mentally know there is a cushion built in.

7. Keep a list on your fridge, and write things down immediately-When you notice something is about empty or you are completely out don’t try the mental note doesn’t work I tested the theory hundreds of times for you so I can confidently tell you you will forget or duplicate and then your back at the store.

8. Keep items stocked for quick meals-Remember tip #3 if you keep your pantry stocked for easy meals like spaghetti, or chicken pot pie (yes I cook chicken pot pie and it’s super simple), you’ll always have the proper ingredients on hand.

9. Buy pre cut produce- although often times more expensive this is a time save to buy diced onions, green peppers, tomatoes or even fruit. This saves you time so as you are preparing meals you don’t have to spend an extra 5min cutting all your veggies or even for the kids pre cut fruit makes for a nice snack they can grab themselves.

10. Buy Freezer and Sandwich bags- I buy big packs of meat and veggies and anything super sized I can find. I then go home after shopping and break my meat down in freezer bags this way each bag represents how much I’m cooking that evening. I use the sandwich bags to put mixed fruit, nuts, occasionally chips and such, for the kids that way they have their own snack bags and they each can grab one and I don’t have to stop to fix them a invest in the baggies.

11. Cook with leftovers in mind- When I cook I not only cook for that night but I think about lunch for at least a day. Who wants to spend their lunch in line? I make the lunches as we are cleaning everything up so we don’t have to spend time in the morning when everyone is generally running to get out the house.

12. Shop when your grocer is having deals- Know you local grocer and when their BOGO deals or 10 for $10 deals are going on..this is when you save a lot of money on the necessities that you need. However, don’t start buying stuff that’s not on your list because then you loose tip #5

13. Watch the register- Ask the cashier to wait until you load all items on the belt if you have to but make sure you watch the register. The store isn’t perfect and often times items are not coded correctly or tags haven’t been taken down in a timely manner and generally speaking, if the store prides themselves on good customer service, will give you the item for what was marked by the tag. Just ensure what you expected to pay for the item is what is ringing up!

14. Shop during down times– Saturday’s and Sunday’s are the worst..let’s get that out the way..these are two of the biggest shopping days. If you can get to the store when it first opens or a time like 5 or 6am you beat the crowd and often times you get first dibs on the fresh stuff..The stores know their down times too which is when they are restocking shelves and fresh produce..go during that time. Also help around the store is more prevalent if you need it and lines are non existent.

15. Don’t take the kids- God Love Em’ but they are  distracting..they cry about everything for nothing. They are in the way and it seems like the only thing they could be good for is helping you load the groceries in the car. But really…if you can help it leave the kids home you’ll finish quicker and they won’t have you enticed to buy items that weren’t on your list. Or better yet they won’t have you forget things you really needed. The Atlanta Go To Girl thought of this service more specifically for the parent who has to take their kids but would rather not! Again use tip #1…It’ll save you a lot of time and aggravation!

Hope you found my top 15 tips helpful! Remember I’d like to hear from you to add to my list so remember to leave your comments. Happy Grocery Shopping!

One Response to “My Top 15 Tips for Grocery Shopping…”
  1. always go with a list is right. it usually keeps me from buying things I don't need.

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