I’m no Rachel Ray…but I made three quick meals in less than 60 min…

…so here’s the deal…Imma working mom (that’s a redundant statement in itself) who doesn’t have time to cook every single night so I decided to try something new! I went to the grocery store and thought about three simple meals that I could make at one time….and this is what I came up with:

Spaghetti– 1 pack of turkey meat (will feed a family of 4)
                1 onion and 1 green pepper (feel free to get the already chopped packs located in your produce dept)
                1 can of Prego (whatever flavor you choose)

Salmon-They were on sale for $6.99 each already seasoned ( seafood dept)

Center Cut Pork Chops-1 Pack feeds a family of 4

Sides– Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens  (Big Can Glory), Yellow Rice, Sauteed Spinach

So this was my list of items that I decided to buy to make my 3 meals in one day. I have learned not to feel guilty about the way I take short cuts to get it all done! I didn’t buy the pre-cut veggies, this time,  I decided to cut them myself so I probably wasted about 2-3 min. ***my tip: buy the pre-cut veggies, sometimes they are cheaper than buying the whole veggies.

First, I cut on all four burners which cooked my noodles, yellow rice ground turkey and veggies. Second, I turned on the oven to 350 for my salmon which I cooked covered in a glass casserole dish with olive oil and Lastly, I fired up the grill to put my center cut pork chops on..which by the way makes for a more healthier approach to cooking.

So after about 35 min I had everything cooking! It was amazing seeing everything do its thang! I raised from my seat about 4x’s just for stirring and flipping purposes only! Meanwhile I’m twittering to pass the time away!

Once I was done…I simply gave everyone a choice of what they wanted to eat……which gives you major kudos for asking. After I asked everyone how scrumptious their food was I told them that they get to choose something tomorrow that they didn’t try today…they were pumped! Of course I was jazzed too! Make sure you mix your sides up throughout your dishes so the family  doesn’t get tired of the side they perhaps had the night before.

So Voila…use those appliances to their full potential…following package recommendations is fine in my book..hey we work so taking short cuts should be the least of your concern!

Now you try it and post your comments..I’d love to see if you gave it a try….Hey it felt good today to ask them what they planned on  eating tomorrow! Ha!

MOM POINT: Prepare meals that practically cook themselves as well as give you leftover power!


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