My Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Experience Today!

So Old Navy is kicking off another year of $1 Flip Flops..last year stores reported hundreds even thousands of people lining up at their doors to get rubber made flip flops. Is it worth it? Well they are $1 you can’t beat that. So I received calls early this morning to ask do we provide personal shopping services and of course we do…so the list of colors and sizes started rolling in for Old Navy Flip Flops.

I ended up going to the Old Navy in Arbor Place mall, which is in Douglasville, GA..I arrived around 8:00am and to my surprise they had already been open for an hour! As I was walking to the store there were these girls who looked to be 12 or 13 running past me so they didn’t miss the deal…lol…as I approached the store i found women with loads of flip flops in their bags and carts. So I whipped out my client list as well as my own and went to grabbing colors and sizes until I ended up with about $40 in flip flops.

Now the crazy part is when I went to the register!  There was a small sign that said “Limit 5 per customer” so I said okay let me arrange in groups of 5…but the girl quickly bust my bubble and said you will have to get back in line to purchase your other shoes and again we only allow 5 per purchase…I looked at her like she was slap crazy! So I rounded my troops up and we all had a lane with 5 pairs of flip flops and we were out in a total of 30 minutes. Not bad! So with all this…I have happy clients and we all will have happy feet!

Today gave me a glimpse of what Black Friday will look like again this year so remember…don’t wait until the last minute. If you prepare, you will get the most out your shopping experience. We can put you in two places at once but remember planning is key! Until the next big sale…I’m signing off!


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